Defending Municipalities Against A Variety of Claims

Although many of the alleged claims of wrongdoing by government personnel or incidents of municipal liability turn out to be totally without grounds, there is still the onus to engage an attorney to defend such cases. This impacts both the municipalities as well as their insurance carriers.

Kelly & Meenagh has represented municipal clients and their insurance companies for more than three decades. These include the City and Town of Poughkeepsie, NY; Dutchess County; and the State of New York. Cases of municipal litigation have been in the following areas:

• Federal Civil Rights Violations
• Automobile Liability
• Premises Liability
• Catastrophic Personal Injury
• Property Damage

Kelly & Meenagh has also been selected to defend the City of Poughkeepsie Police Department whose police officers have been the subject of alleged civil rights allegations. Our attorneys have participated in inquest proceedings and civil rights litigation on their behalf.

With some some 74 years of combined experience in the intricacies of municipal and insurance defense, Kelly & Meenagh is extremely knowledgeable about the numerous aspects which can determine favorable outcome. Whether accomplished in a court of law or resolved through skilled negotiation, Kelly & Meenagh has had stellar results in municipal and insurance defense.

Personal Injury Claims of Many Types

Our experience defending both municipalities and their insurance companies for personal injury claims includes all types of vehicular accidents, premises liability cases, slip-and-fall accidents and many others. Besides municipalities and insurance carriers, we also serve many different kinds of businesses, both large and small.

Sometimes a case may call for a declaratory judgment action which can be an opportunity to determine one of a variety of issues which could impact the case as it proceeds. While not always allowed, the court can come to a judgment defining the proper interpretation of some problematic deterrent to the case so that it can continue unencumbered. This may involve coverage issues or other insurance-related matters, and sometimes is followed by a variety of appeals. For Kelly & Meenagh, this course of action has been introduced many times during its history, making it a firm well-acquainted with the best way to orchestrate the entire process.

auto accident

Vehicular accident claims sometimes regard a government agency as liable.

As litigation attorneys, Kelly & Meenagh possess the ability to facilitate favorable decisions not only through skillful negotiation, but through shrewd courtroom arguments and inspired reasoning. In the event that a municipal or insurance claim appears frivolous or unjustified, we will seek termination. When applicable, if another defendant is implicated in the case, we will broach the subject of co-insurance or indemnification.

Accomplished in Multiple Strategies

Since our strongest legal performance is in a courtroom setting, we are always prepared to take your case to trial. However, we also frequently utilize arbitration or mediation when it appears to be most advantageous. And of course, we routinely must respond carefully to any proposed settlements presented along the way.

Cognizant of Your Urgency

When we take a case, we immediately work to develop a winning strategy to result in the best possible outcome. Our experienced legal professionals are proficient in every aspect of the process so that the case moves toward final closure in the most timely manner possible.

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