Defending Businesses Against a Variety of Claims

Kelly & Meenagh has profound respect for the rights to which our business clients are entitled. With clients ranging from small companies to large organizations, our firm has experience defending and prosecuting disputes which include:

• Business torts
• Commercial contracts
• Insurance coverage
• Regulatory Compliance

With numerous steps to developing a strategy that will win, Kelly & Meenagh has extensive experience focusing on the key issues important to the final outcome. This process involves orchestration of depositions, witness interviews, document review, brief preparation and dispute site visits.

However, it is never forgotten that businesses and their insurers have a keen eye on the bottom line and efficiency and critical judgment must play an important role to keep expenses at a minimum.

While our strong negotiation skills combined with our highly effective courtroom proficiency can provide your business with the advocacy and legal excellence needed to win your case, we never lose perspective that your business must be able to continue successfully with an untarnished reputation despite the disruption of a particular case at hand. In addition, Kelly & Meenagh is well aware that tactics to deter the need to proceed to court through alternative measures may prove most rewarding for all involved.

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